WePayBTC - highest profits for our miners

Revolutionary new algorithm-switching multipool. Flat rate daily payouts in Bitcoin.

Each of our stratum servers is completely self-contained (this is done for security reasons and to mitigate possible DDOS attacks). So you need to log to the server that you have specified in your sgminer command line to see your statistics. Just click on your server above to get to statistics.

List of payouts is also available on those servers.

Note: We can spin a custom stratum server for large miners (10,000%┬áspeed or more). This address will only be known to a small number of people and thus there are lower chances of DDOS-ing it. Please talk to us if you need a custom WePayBTC stratum for your needs. And if you are already on a custom server – just log in to that server to see your stats.

If you have questions or concerns about payouts, please raise a ticket and provide payout ID and your wallet address.