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Q: I’m getting failed to init GPU thread 0, disabling device 0 error. Can this be fixed?

A: Please check other error text lines. There is a possibility that your device is running out of RAM. Reduce intensity. If you tried example.bat, it has “-I 22″ which sets intensity to 22 and thus requires 2GB. Set it to 21 for 1GB cards or to 20 for 512MB.


Q: Why do you need my email (-p parameter)?

A: We need your email to be able to contact you when needed. For example, if you reject rate is very high or if we have some specials or if payment was processed incorrectly, etc. Some users provide incorrect BTC wallet address and we can’t pay them (happened 3 times already!), so if email exists we can contact the miner. However, if you don’t want to provide your email, that’s fine. It is not required (but btc-sgminer will show you a warning message).


Q: Does your miner use GPU memory?

A: Yes, the miner uses GPU RAM for storing intermediate data. But it is not recommended to overclock GPU RAM, because it does not provide additional hashrate. The memory throughput rate is not the bottleneck.


Q: What intensity (-I parameter) should I use?

A: It depends on your hardware. High intensity values provide more hashrate, but increase rejected rate and make the computer slower. For example, on our reference R9 290, intensity 20 was 2% slower than intensity 22.

Default value (if you do not specify intensity explicitly) is intensity 20, which should be good for most videocards.

Higher intensity values require more RAM on the videocard. Intensity 20 requires 512MB, intensity 21 requires 1GB, 2GB for intensity 22 and so on. If you have an old videocard, like 6950, you would need to set intensity lower to 18 (128MB GPU RAM) or 19 (256MB GPU RAM).


Q: Can I use my existing mining software to mine at your pool?

A: No, there are some changes to stratum protocol for enabling algorithm-switching and they make other miners incompaible with our pool.


Q: Can I use some mining service like LeaseRig, NiceHash, MiningRigRentals… to mine at you pool?

A: No, you have to use our miner to mine at this pool. Our miner has a few advantages – it shows BTC per day income, is able to switch algorithms on the fly, etc. Because we are broadcasting this extra data over the stratum protocol, it is not possible to use other miners.


Q: Can I use your software to mine on other pools?

A: No, our software is only compatible with our pool.


Q: Can I change worksize?

A: No, our software does not allow tweaking this parameter.


Q: How do I set up backup servers?

A: You don’t need to backups are set up automatically (we add 4 backup pools for non-interrupted mining).